Everyday, young people experience things that can cause stress. When the stress gets to be too much, unwanted behavior can surface. This organization is dedicated to helping teens with problems stemming from life.

The Crisis Center joined forces with the Montgomery , Stewart and Houston counties School System to offer a hotline to the students.

Students can call this hotline to report gangs in school, drugs, guns, bullies or any type of violence that may occur at school. All calls are confidential and anonymous.

The Crisis Center partners with the School Resource Officer of each school. When a call concerning violence, guns, gangs etc. comes into hotline we in turn call the School Resource Officer in that school and report the problem.

The School Crisis Hotline also takes calls from any student concerning suicide, depression, and relationships with parents, siblings or friends. Sometimes you just need someone to listen and we are here for you.


If you need us, call us. Or e-mail.